Farm holidays in Eppan

Let the show begin – welcome to the Nofnerhof!

Opening spring 2022


The slopes above the little town of Eppan are planted with regular rows of vines. Bordered by woodlands, with the mountains silently watching from above, the Nofnerhof stands in the midst of the vineyards.

There are five apartments to create a holiday home for those who wish to make the tranquillity of nature their own for a little while. The stable and paddock point to a symbiosis with nature, with animals just as welcome on this holiday farm as people. It is a place for relaxation, where the majestic presence of forts and castles give the area around Eppan an elegant touch. Yet it is hard to believe that it is only two kilometres from the Nofnerhof to the centre of Eppan, where boutiques, cafés and restaurants await with their attractive wares, fine fare and regional produce. Hiking, biking, discovering the local culture for yourself and... simply forgetting the everyday! Here everyone is free to arrange their holidays as they wish. Let the show begin – welcome to the Nofnerhof!

Experiences at the Nofnerhof

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